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12-04-24 (23:15)   Gamer Finds Perfect Use for Broken PSP (Game Rant)
10-04-24 (20:07)   Anbernic's RG28XX Is an iPhone-Sized Handheld That Can Play Dreamcast, DS, and PSP Games (Inverse.com)
10-04-24 (17:31)   New Anbernic RG28XX revealed for SEGA Dreamcast and Sony PSP emulation in four colours (NotebookCheck.net)
06-04-24 (19:00)   Yoshi-P Says 'It's Probably About Time' for Another Final Fantasy Tactics Game (Game Rant)
05-04-24 (18:29)   Resistance: Retribution Getting Surprise Update 15 Years After Launch (Game Rant)
04-04-24 (01:10)   PlayStation Portal Exploit That Let It Run PSP Games Fixed Due To Hacker Help (GameSpot)
03-04-24 (19:15)   Sony 'Fixes' PlayStation Portal Hack That Let It Run PSP Games (Game Rant)
03-04-24 (18:50)   Hackers helped Sony kill an exploit that let the PS Portal play PSP games offline (Shacknews)
03-04-24 (18:07)   PlayStation Portal Update Patches Exploit That Ran PSP Games Offline (PlayStation LifeStyle)
03-04-24 (17:29)   Sony Fixed Exploit That Let PlayStation Portal Run Emulated PSP Games After Hackers 'Responsibly Reported Issues to PlayStation' (IGN.com)
03-04-24 (14:02)   Team Who Hacked PS Portal To Run PSP Games Offline Helps Sony Fix The Exploit (PlayStation Universe)
03-04-24 (12:57)   Hackers who got PS Portal to run PSP games offline helped Sony to patch out the exploit (VGC)
27-03-24 (18:31)   Anbernic RG35XX 2024 announced for under $50 with SEGA Dreamcast and Sony PlayStation Portable emulation chops (NotebookCheck.net)
22-03-24 (09:46)   Best PSP Game From 2005 To 2016 (Game Rant)
09-03-24 (18:15)   Gamer Point Out Unique Trait With Simpsons Game Covers (Game Rant)
06-03-24 (12:46)   Hardest PSP Games Published By Sony (Game Rant)
02-03-24 (18:29)   PSP Go Mod Gives the Old Handheld a Massive Upgrade (Game Rant)
24-02-24 (03:31)   Singapore PSP Opposition Chief Steps Down After Fake News Charge (Bloomberg)
23-02-24 (16:16)   Steam Deck mini lookalike shown emulating Sony PSP games with hall effect joysticks for under $50 (NotebookCheck.net)
22-02-24 (20:46)   Best PSP Versions Of Console Games (Game Rant)
21-02-24 (11:46)   PS Plus Premium Adds Trophies to Classic PSP Game (Game Rant)
20-02-24 (20:46)   PlayStation Portal Hack Lets It Play PSP Games (Game Rant)
20-02-24 (20:23)   Hackers Got PSP Games Running on a PlayStation Portal, Making It Almost Useful (Gizmodo)
20-02-24 (19:00)   PS Portal Hack Lets The Handheld Run PSP Games (Kotaku)
20-02-24 (18:14)   PSP Game Resistance: Retribution Hits PS Plus Classics With New Trophy List on PS4 and PS5 (IGN.com)
20-02-24 (16:29)   Google Engineers Hack PlayStation Portal to Run Emulated PSP Games, Show Off GTA (IGN.com)
20-02-24 (15:55)   Google Engineers Hacked The PlayStation Portal And Turned It Into A PSP Emulator (GameSpot)
20-02-24 (15:40)   Sony's PlayStation Portal Hacked To Run Emulated PSP Games (Slashdot)
20-02-24 (14:53)   PlayStation Portal Already Hacked to Run PSP Games (PlayStation LifeStyle)
20-02-24 (12:02)   Google Engineers Hack PlayStation Portal To Play PSP Games Offline (PlayStation Universe)
20-02-24 (11:58)   Someone finally hacked the PlayStation Portal, and it runs PSP games (GamesRadar)
20-02-24 (11:26)   PlayStation Portal has been hacked to run PSP games offline (VGC)
20-02-24 (11:06)   Sony's PlayStation Portal hacked to run emulated PSP games (TheVerge)
16-02-24 (01:45)   Singapore Wields Fake News Law Against Opposition PSP Chief (Bloomberg)
15-02-24 (17:15)   Suikoden Creator Has Died (Game Rant)
14-02-24 (19:46)   PS Plus Premium Adding Classic PSP Game Next Week (Game Rant)
07-02-24 (16:06)   Final Fantasy 8 would need reworked battle system in hypothetical remake, says series producer (Eurogamer.net)
01-02-24 (21:15)   Rumor: New PlayStation Handheld in Development (Game Rant)
31-01-24 (12:35)   Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters on PC finally have feature parity with console (Eurogamer.net)
26-01-24 (22:29)   Forgotten PSP Feature Still Works 16 Years Later (Game Rant)
17-01-24 (05:15)   PlayStation Gamer Discovers Unexpected Prize Offered at Local Mall (Game Rant)
15-01-24 (17:22)   After four years of work, Shiren the Wanderer 4 Plus for PSP gets a fan translation (Destructiod)
10-01-24 (02:46)   Classic PSP Franchise from 2007 Could Be Making a Comeback (Game Rant)
08-01-24 (10:35)   Metal Gear Solid remake is still in development at Konami, report suggests (Eurogamer.net)
07-01-24 (12:46)   Best PSP FPS Games, Ranked (Game Rant)
30-12-23 (11:37)   10 Best Handheld Video Game Systems Of All Time (DualShockers)
29-12-23 (22:46)   Best Square Enix PSP Games (Game Rant)
22-12-23 (00:07)   Anbernic RG35XX H Is a Switch Lite-Like Gaming Handheld for Playing PSP, Nintendo DS, and Dreamcast Games (Inverse.com)
10-12-23 (19:46)   Best PSP Simulation Games (Game Rant)
08-12-23 (23:46)   PSP RPGs No One Remembers (Game Rant)
01-12-23 (03:00)   Final Fantasy Tactics Creator Has Bad News for Fans of the Series (Game Rant)
29-11-23 (17:58)   14 years after launch, Gran Turismo fan manages to discover never-before-seen PSP cheat codes "out of pure curiosity" (GamesRadar)
29-11-23 (15:55)   Someone discovered cheat codes in Gran Turismo PSP, 14 years too late (Polygon)
29-11-23 (12:46)   Best PSP Beat 'Em Up Games, Ranked (Game Rant)
24-11-23 (02:46)   Best PSP Strategy Games (Game Rant)
21-11-23 (10:46)   Best PSP Sports Games (Game Rant)
20-11-23 (23:46)   Best PSP Stealth Games (Game Rant)
20-11-23 (20:53)   Anbernic RG35XX Plus Has a Game Boy-Inspired Design and Plays Dreamcast, Nintendo DS, PSP Games (Inverse.com)
20-11-23 (07:46)   Best PSP Sony First-Party Games (Game Rant)
19-11-23 (00:46)   Best PSP Games (Game Rant)
17-11-23 (11:31)   PS Plus Classics Set To Add Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command & Thrillville As Ratings Appear Online (PlayStation Universe)
16-11-23 (19:29)   Madame Web Trailer Features Beloved PlayStation Handheld (Game Rant)
15-11-23 (17:16)   Best Like A Dragon & Yakuza Games Ranked On PS3, PS4, PS5, PSP - Every Game Ranked In 2023 (PlayStation Universe)
13-11-23 (20:15)   PS Plus Subscribers May Be Getting a Pixar PSP Game (Game Rant)
13-11-23 (14:24)   Disney PSP Classic Seemingly Headed to PS Plus Premium (PlayStation LifeStyle)
13-11-23 (12:16)   Disney & Pixar's Up Has Been Rated For PSP, Looks Set For PS Plus Classics Catalog (PlayStation Universe)
12-11-23 (17:30)   PlayStation Plus' Classics Catalogue is getting the truly memorable... Pixar's Up for PSP? (VG247)
12-11-23 (16:35)   Pixar's Up PSP game has been rated for PS5, but fans say there are better titles than this in Sony's Vault (Eurogamer.net)
28-10-23 (06:29)   Best PSP Horror Games (Game Rant)
22-10-23 (19:06)   Sony has just dropped another batch of brilliant game soundtracks onto Spotify (Eurogamer.net)
16-10-23 (16:06)   Marvel's Spider-Man 2 review - cluttered but no less lovable action (Eurogamer.net)
11-10-23 (22:46)   The Best Romances in Persona 3 (Game Rant)
02-10-23 (23:58)   9 years later, former PlayStation boss gives the PSP a long-overdue funeral (GamesRadar)
29-09-23 (14:01)   15 Best PSP Games Of All Time [2023 Edition] (GamingBolt)
22-09-23 (23:14)   The 10 Best PSP Games of All Time (IGN.com)
19-09-23 (17:06)   French President clarifies view on video games after blaming them for riots (Eurogamer.net)
15-09-23 (17:06)   Spider-Man 2 balances its two stars brilliantly (Eurogamer.net)
08-09-23 (13:45)   PlayStation Retro Magazine Is Now Funded On Kickstarter With Issue One Completed (PlayStation Universe)
06-09-23 (09:46)   PSP Games With Graphics That Have Aged The Best (Game Rant)
04-09-23 (20:35)   Patapon spiritual successor Ratatan wraps up Kickstarter campaign with over Ł1m in funding (Eurogamer.net)
25-08-23 (20:29)   PSP Gamer Makes Surprising Discovery After Throwing Out 13 Year Old Sofa (Game Rant)
23-08-23 (19:01)   Sony's $200 handheld "Portal" can stream games from your PS5 and, uh, that's it (Ars Technica)
22-08-23 (20:07)   Echochrome Update Adds Trophy Support for PSP Title (PlayStation LifeStyle)
22-08-23 (16:00)   Dominik Mysterio Reveals What PSP Game He Was Playing on WWE TV 18 Years Ago (Game Rant)
15-08-23 (13:46)   Rumor: Two Classic Fighting Games Coming to PS Plus Premium (Game Rant)
15-08-23 (12:16)   PSP's Like A Dragon Black Panther Has Received A Fan-Made English Patch (PlayStation Universe)
15-08-23 (02:24)   Ape Escape, Pursuit Force, MediEvil Trophies Revealed for PSP Classics (PlayStation LifeStyle)
08-08-23 (19:15)   3 More EA Games Shutting Down Their Online Services Later This Year (Game Rant)
05-08-23 (12:35)   Gran Turismo movie's David Harbour says filming with real cars and not green screens "heightened his performance" (Eurogamer.net)
31-07-23 (23:43)   Cult PSP Game Gets Spiritual Successor That's Already Blowing Up Kickstarter (Kotaku)
29-07-23 (12:35)   Scalpers are now trying their luck with Sony's Spider-Man 2-themed PS5 hardware (Eurogamer.net)
17-07-23 (12:06)   Patapon creator reveals spiritual successor Ratatan (Eurogamer.net)
14-07-23 (08:29)   The Rarest PSP Games (& How Much They're Worth) (Game Rant)
12-07-23 (19:15)   Classic Game Boy Advance Game Getting Surprise Remaster (Game Rant)
12-07-23 (15:15)   Riviera: The Promised Land Remaster Announced (GamingBolt)
10-07-23 (23:51)   How To Turn Your Old PSP Into An Emulator Machine (SlashGear)
10-07-23 (20:22)   4 Forgotten PSP Features That Are Pure Nostalgia (SlashGear)
02-07-23 (11:06)   Final Fantasy 6 contains a scene of perfect desolation - and not every player gets to see it (Eurogamer.net)
29-06-23 (17:06)   This week's biggest headlines from the FTC vs Microsoft trial (Eurogamer.net)
28-06-23 (16:39)   The most PSP-looking handheld PC just got upgraded with AMD's fastest APU (PC Gamer)
22-06-23 (19:00)   Microsoft Reveals Surprising Project Q PlayStation Handheld Price (Game Rant)
20-06-23 (12:46)   Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Remains a Unique Entry in the Series After Over a Decade (Game Rant)
20-06-23 (05:07)   Killzone: Liberation, Coded Soul Trophy Lists Revealed for PSP Classics (PlayStation LifeStyle)
13-06-23 (16:30)   Persona 3 Reload Includes Certain Story Elements from Persona 3 FES - Producer (GamingBolt)
12-06-23 (01:30)   Persona 3 Reload Doesn't Include Persona 3 FES or Portable Content (GamingBolt)
03-06-23 (11:37)   10 Best PSP Games, Ranked (DualShockers)
01-06-23 (17:06)   Spider-Man 2 developer discusses balancing sequel's darker tone (Eurogamer.net)
01-06-23 (17:06)   Here's how character switching in Spider-Man 2 works (Eurogamer.net)
25-05-23 (11:06)   Sony's lack of first-party focus left PlayStation Showcase feeling like a letdown (Eurogamer.net)
25-05-23 (00:20)   Everything announced in Sony's PlayStation Showcase (Eurogamer.net)
24-05-23 (16:06)   PlayStation boss teases "fairly interesting and quite aggressive" cloud gaming plans (Eurogamer.net)
24-05-23 (10:44)   PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Reach 14.1 Million Subscribers (GamingBolt)
23-05-23 (23:46)   A Persona 3 Remake Shouldn't Dismiss 'The Answer' (Game Rant)
16-05-23 (11:02)   PS Plus Extra & PS Plus Premium May 2023 Free Games Now Available (PlayStation Universe)
15-05-23 (18:29)   A Persona 3 Remake Would Be Crucial for the Female Protagonist in One Major Way (Game Rant)
15-05-23 (14:15)   Every PlayStation Gaming Hardware Ranked (GamingBolt)
14-05-23 (20:46)   The Best RPGs That Can Only Be Played On The PSP (Game Rant)
13-05-23 (19:15)   Persona 3's Rumored Remake is Tartarus' Chance for a Major Glow-Up (Game Rant)
11-05-23 (19:46)   A Persona 3 Remake Could Take a Page Out of Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Book (Game Rant)
10-05-23 (19:00)   New PS Plus Premium Games for May 2023 Address a Big Complaint (Game Rant)
09-05-23 (23:53)   Will There Be a New PSP or PS Vita in 2023? (PlayStation LifeStyle)
29-04-23 (13:35)   Destiny 2's Guardian Games event is back next week (Eurogamer.net)
19-04-23 (18:24)   PS5 Sales Break PlayStation Record Previously Held by PSP (PlayStation LifeStyle)
17-04-23 (16:49)   Media Molecule co-founder Mark Healey leaves Dreams studio after 17 years (Eurogamer.net)
12-04-23 (12:45)   PS Plus Premium Game Echoshift Receives Trophy Support (PlayStation Universe)
12-04-23 (01:29)   PS Plus Premium Game Adds Trophy Support (Game Rant)
07-04-23 (19:15)   PS Plus Premium Game Adds Useful Feature (Game Rant)
05-04-23 (18:15)   Leaked PlayStation Handheld is Like a Corrupt-A-Wish (Game Rant)
22-03-23 (20:29)   New PS Plus Premium PSP Games Have Trophy Support (Game Rant)
11-03-23 (12:46)   Best PS1, PS2, & PSP Games On PS Plus Premium (Game Rant)
08-03-23 (02:15)   Persona 3 Portable Has a Great Lesson to Teach Persona 6's Playable Party Members (Game Rant)
05-03-23 (22:46)   Why PlayStation's Stint With Handhelds Paled in Comparison to the DS (Game Rant)
05-03-23 (17:46)   Persona 3 Portable's Party Split Mechanic Has a Lot of Untapped Potential (Game Rant)
29-01-23 (20:44)   Sony's Decision To Make PS VR2 Over A PlayStation Handheld Is Baffling (GamingBolt)
29-01-23 (20:37)   10 PSP Classics We Need On PlayStation Plus (DualShockers)
19-01-23 (22:06)   Drake is a certified gamer boy with Pharrell Williams' gold PSP (TheVerge)
19-01-23 (14:58)   Drake now owns the 14k gold-plated PSP created for Pharrell Williams (NME.COM)
19-01-23 (01:14)   Drake Now Owns Pharrell's $20,000 Golden PSP (Kotaku)
23-12-22 (12:23)   10 Rarest Limited Edition PlayStation Consoles (DualShockers)
22-12-22 (16:15)   Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is Out Now on PS4 and PS5 (GamingBolt)
19-12-22 (19:02)   GPD Win 4: PSP Vita lookalike launches for US$799 with design improvements and Radeon 680M iGPU (NotebookCheck.net)
01-12-22 (23:53)   PS Plus Premium Getting Star Wars Battlefront 2 PSP Version Soon (PlayStation LifeStyle)
27-11-22 (20:37)   Death Jr. Was The Perfect 3D Platformer For The 'Edgy' PSP (DualShockers)
27-11-22 (17:37)   This Lost Elder Scrolls PSP Game Was A Thing Of Beauty (DualShockers)
27-11-22 (01:06)   Star Wars: The Force Unleashed For PSP Simply Shouldn't Be Possible (DualShockers)
22-11-22 (23:29)   Get a Framed PSP 1000 Model for $119 for Black Friday (IGN.com)
08-11-22 (16:01)   God of War - Every Boss Fight in the Series, Ranked (GamingBolt)
14-10-22 (23:58)   'Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion' tries to scale up a PSP game to the PS5 (Engadget)
30-09-22 (17:19)   Keep your payment service provider close, and your fraud prevention partners closer (BetaNews)
22-09-22 (16:30)   Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth PS5 and PS4 Port Pushed Back to December (GamingBolt)
07-09-22 (18:02)   Sony teases Xperia gaming gear cooling system cutting short hopes for a new Xperia Play or PlayStation portable (NotebookCheck.net)
05-08-22 (17:54)   We Miss These Quirky Android Phone Experiments (Gizmodo)
25-07-22 (16:55)   Tactics Ogre Reborn Will Brings PSP Classic To Modern Consoles This November According To Listing (GameSpot)
19-07-22 (16:55)   PlayStation Plus Adds A PSP Puzzle Classic To Its Library Today (GameSpot)
19-07-22 (15:24)   PSP Game Echoshift Joins July 2022 PS Plus Premium as Extra/Premium Lineup Goes Live (PlayStation LifeStyle)
06-07-22 (18:49)   Valkyrie Elysium will ride onto PC in November, but without the PSP remake of Valkyrie Profile (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
06-07-22 (15:57)   Valkyrie Elysium launches in September and it comes with a surprise PSP remaster (Digital Trends)
23-06-22 (13:13)   New PlayStation Plus launches in Europe - here are the biggest games available (NME.COM)
23-06-22 (11:13)   Classic PlayStation Plus games to get NTSC options in Europe, Asia and more (NME.COM)
17-06-22 (01:05)   Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Polishes Up The PSP Classic (GameInformer.com)
16-06-22 (20:24)   PlayStation Plus Classics: All PS1, PS2, And PSP Games Available Now (GameSpot)
16-06-22 (10:44)   Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Announcement Reportedly Coming Today - Rumor (GamingBolt)
14-06-22 (15:27)   'Tactics Ogre: Reborn' revealed on PlayStation Store (NME.COM)
14-06-22 (13:58)   'Tactics Ogre: Reborn' leaked on PlayStation Store (NME.COM)
28-05-22 (20:06)   Granzella Answers Fans Waiting for a New Steambot Chronicles or Remake (DualShockers)
26-05-22 (12:30)   Resistance: Retribution's South Korean Rating Suggests it Might Come to PlayStation Plus Classic Games Library (GamingBolt)
24-05-22 (12:15)   Trophy Support for PS1, PSP Games on PlayStation Plus Will be up to the Devs, Sony Says (GamingBolt)
24-05-22 (12:01)   New PlayStation Plus Subscription Tiers Now Live in Select Asian Markets, Full Launch Lineup Revealed (GamingBolt)
23-05-22 (22:12)   Here's how much PlayStation's PS1 and PSP games might cost (Digital Trends)
23-05-22 (17:13)   PlayStation store listings include more classic titles and new screen filters (NME.COM)
16-05-22 (17:41)   New PS Plus Will Let You Play PSP And Original PlayStation Games You Digitally Own Without Subscription (GameSpot)
16-05-22 (15:44)   PlayStation Plus Premium Classic Titles Revealed, Time-Limited Trials Include Horizon Forbidden West and Cyberpunk 2077 (GamingBolt)
16-05-22 (15:27)   PlayStation Plus' PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP lineup revealed by Sony (NME.COM)
07-05-22 (02:38)   Star Wars: Battlefront 3 PSP Cart Seemingly Appears Years After It Was Canceled (PlayStation LifeStyle)
05-05-22 (09:52)   Star Wars: Battlefront III For PSP Was Real and One Fan Has A Copy (DualShockers)
04-05-22 (03:37)   PSP Yakuza Games Kurohyo Ryu Ga Gotoku Remakes Discussed (DualShockers)
29-04-22 (14:13)   Five older PlayStation games appear on PSN server ahead of PS Plus launch (NME.COM)
28-04-22 (19:37)   PlayStation Plus Premium Leak Reveals Popular PlayStation 1 & PSP Classics (DualShockers)
22-04-22 (12:15)   Syphon Filter 1, 2, Dark Mirror, and Logan's Shadow Have Been Rated for PS5 and PS4 in South Korea (GamingBolt)
08-04-22 (15:55)   Best PSP Games Of All Time: 20 Can't-Miss PlayStation Portable Titles (GameSpot)
29-03-22 (15:52)   PS1, PS2, PSP Games Won't All Support Higher FPS on PS Plus (DualShockers)
23-03-22 (11:44)   The Rise of PlayStation's First Party Studios (GamingBolt)
19-03-22 (04:20)   No. 1 Ohio St., UMD to meet in Frozen Four final (ESPN.com)
27-01-22 (15:14)   Who Knew A Game Boy's Insides Could Be So Beautiful? (Kotaku)
13-01-22 (18:58)   A group of 'Yakuza' fans have translated one of the series' rarest games (NME.COM)
29-12-21 (00:07)   2021 Year in Review: The PS3, Vita and PSP Stores are Closing... or are They? (PlayStation LifeStyle)
17-12-21 (16:58)   PlayStation Vita turns ten today (NME.COM)
16-11-21 (08:50)   Is Suikoden 2 worth playing on PS3, Vita and PSP? (Game Idealist)
15-11-21 (13:14)   DEX aggregator ParaSwap launches its own token, to airdrop 150 million PSP (Theblockcrypto,com)
08-11-21 (13:28)   Steam Deck makes PlayStation portable again with Horizon Zero Dawn (PCGamesN.com)
29-10-21 (21:14)   All I Want For Christmas Is A PSP (Kotaku)
05-10-21 (21:13)   PlayStation is making it harder for you to buy PS3 and Vita games (NME.COM)
22-09-21 (17:41)   Best PSP Games: 20 Greatest PlayStation Portable Titles (GameSpot)
08-09-21 (13:23)   Images of a New PSP Surface Online and No, They're Not Real (DualShockers)
15-08-21 (18:44)   Sony And PS5's Performance In Japan Is Becoming A Grave Concern (GamingBolt)
11-08-21 (15:43)   Collectors Are Driving Up PSP And Nintendo DS Game Prices In Japan (Kotaku)
02-07-21 (23:00)   Digital PSP Games Are Here to Stay via PS3 and Vita Stores (Sirus Gaming)
02-07-21 (22:49)   Sony makes clear it will still sell PSP games on the PS3 and Vita stores (TheVerge)
02-07-21 (22:13)   The PSP store has closed but games appear online via PS3 and PS Vita (NME.COM)
02-07-21 (20:48)   PSP Store Closes Next Week, But Sony Will Still Sell PSP Games Through PS3 And PS Vita (GameInformer.com)
02-07-21 (19:30)   The PSP's Store Closes Today, But Its Games Will Still Be Available for Purchase on PS3 and PS Vita (GamingBolt)
02-07-21 (18:07)   PSP Games Will Continue to be Available from the PS3 and Vita Stores Despite the PSP Store Closure Today (PlayStation LifeStyle)
02-07-21 (17:26)   PSP games will still be available from PS3, PS Vita stores (C-Net News.com)
02-07-21 (17:13)   The PSP store closes today but games will still be available (Pocket Gamer.biz)
02-07-21 (12:59)   Sony won't ditch PSP game sales after all (Pocket-lint)
02-07-21 (12:35)   Digital PSP games will live on via PS3 and Vita, Sony clarifies (Eurogamer.net)
02-07-21 (12:05)   PSP gamers can get games via the PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS Vita after all (SlashGear)
02-07-21 (09:12)   Sony will keep selling PSP games on PS3 and PS Vita stores (Engadget)
02-07-21 (01:00)   Sony Will Keep Selling PSP Games After All (Kotaku)
09-06-21 (22:24)   Atlus PSP Games Will Remain Available on PS3 and Vita Stores (PlayStation LifeStyle)
25-04-21 (20:44)   Sony Walked Back Their Decision To Shut Down The PS3 and Vita Stores - Are They "For The Players" Again? (GamingBolt)
25-04-21 (12:13)   Exploit enables access to legacy PlayStation 3, PSP and PS Vita web store (NME.COM)
19-04-21 (20:53)   PS3 and Vita PlayStation Stores Will Not Close After All, PSP Store Will Still Cease Operations (PlayStation LifeStyle)
19-04-21 (19:30)   PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS Vita Will Remain Available (GamingBolt)
19-04-21 (17:15)   It Seems the PS5 Will Be Able to Play (Some) Physical Games After Its CMOS Battery Dies - Unlike PS4 (GamingBolt)
05-04-21 (14:15)   Does White Knight Chronicles Deserve Another Shot? (GamingBolt)
04-04-21 (23:07)   A list of retro games Nintendo fans should check out before PS3, PSP, Vita stores close down (Nintendo Enthusiast)
04-04-21 (17:30)   Sony Has Made A Horrible Decision With The Recent Closure Of PSP, PS3, and PS Vita Stores (GamingBolt)
03-04-21 (10:16)   PS3, PS Vita, and PSP owners will lose purchase access to a combined 2,200 digital-only games due to upcoming PlayStation Store closures (NotebookCheck.net)
03-04-21 (01:07)   The PS3, Vita, and PSP PlayStation Store Closures Will Impact More Than 2000 Digital-Only Games, 120 Exclusives Lost Forever (PlayStation LifeStyle)
30-03-21 (15:35)   The classics that go forever when Sony switches off its PS3, PSP and Vita stores (Eurogamer.net)
30-03-21 (11:41)   Sony confirms PlayStation Store closure on PS3, PSP, and PS Vita (Neowin.net)
30-03-21 (08:13)   Sony to shut down PlayStation Store support for PS3, PSP in July (NME.COM)
30-03-21 (01:30)   Sony Officially Announces Closure Of PS3, PSP Stores On July 2, Vita On August 27 (GamingBolt)
30-03-21 (00:59)   Sony will close PlayStation Store for PS3, PS Vita, and PSP this summer (Pocket-lint)
29-03-21 (23:45)   Sony confirms it's sunsetting PlayStation 3, Vita, PSP stores (Gamasutra)
29-03-21 (22:23)   Sony Confirms PS3, PSP, and Vita Stores Are Going Away (Gizmodo)
29-03-21 (21:57)   Sony closing PSN Store for PS3, PSP and PS Vita this summer - CNET (C-Net News.com)
29-03-21 (21:35)   Sony confirms PS3, PSP, and Vita digital stores closing for good this summer (Eurogamer.net)
29-03-21 (21:24)   Sony Confirms PS3 and PSP PlayStation Stores to Close in July, Vita Store Follows in August (PlayStation LifeStyle)
29-03-21 (21:18)   Sony will shut down online stores for legacy PlayStation games this summer (Ars Technica)
29-03-21 (20:42)   Sony is shutting down the online PlayStation 3, PSP, and Vita stores for good (Mashable)
29-03-21 (20:27)   Sony will close the PS3, PS Vita and PSP digital stores this summer (Engadget)
29-03-21 (20:24)   Sony Will Close PS3, PS Vita, PSP Stores This Summer (GameSpot)
29-03-21 (20:19)   PlayStation Store Removes PS3, PS Vita, And PSP On The Web (GameInformer.com)
29-03-21 (20:17)   PS3, PS Vita, and PSP Stores are officially shutting down (Sirus Gaming)
29-03-21 (19:43)   Sony Closing PlayStation Store On PS3, Vita, And PSP This Summer (Kotaku)
29-03-21 (19:41)   Sony Officially Set To Close PS3, PS Vita, PSP Stores This Year (GameSpot)
29-03-21 (19:41)   Sony Quietly Kills Off PlayStation Web Store For PS3, PSP, And Vita Games (GameSpot)
29-03-21 (13:01)   Sony shuts down old web version of PS3, PSP, Vita store (GamesIndusty.biz)
29-03-21 (12:20)   Sony quietly kills old web version of the PlayStation Store that let people access PS3, Vita and PSP games (Eurogamer.net)
23-03-21 (18:15)   Sony reportedly closing PS3, PSP, Vita digital stores (GamesIndusty.biz)
23-03-21 (13:01)   Sony Is Rumored To Be Shutting Down The Stores For PS3, PSP, And Vita Later This Year (GamingBolt)
23-03-21 (10:45)   Sony will reportedly retire PS3, PSP and Vita stores in summer (Pocket-lint)
22-03-21 (23:40)   Sony Allegedly Closing PS3, PSP, and Vita Stores Permanently This Summer (Gizmodo)
22-03-21 (23:35)   Sony's PS3, PSP, and Vita digital stores reportedly closing for good this summer (Eurogamer.net)
22-03-21 (18:14)   Report: Sony to shutter PSP, PS3, and PS Vita storefronts this summer (Gamasutra)
22-03-21 (17:58)   Sony reportedly closing PS3, PSP and Vita stores in July (NME.COM)
22-03-21 (17:17)   PS3, Vita and PSP Stores Reportedly to be Shut Down Permanently Soon (Sirus Gaming)
22-03-21 (17:07)   Report: PS3, Vita, and PSP Digital Stores Will Shut Down Later This Year (PlayStation LifeStyle)
22-03-21 (16:56)   Sony reportedly shutting down PlayStation Store on the PS3, Vita, and PSP this summer (Neowin.net)
22-03-21 (16:36)   PS3, PS Vita, PSP tipped severe usability limits imminent (SlashGear)
22-03-21 (15:34)   PS3, PS Vita, And PSP Stores Are Closing Permanently This Year, According To New Report (GameInformer.com)
12-01-21 (01:43)   Japan-Exclusive Yakuza PSP Game Gets Fan Translation (Kotaku)
11-01-21 (17:07)   Cancelled Tomb Raider PlayStation Portable Game Has Surfaced Online and It's Somewhat Playable (PlayStation LifeStyle)
07-01-21 (18:29)   A Canceled 2006 Tomb Raider Game Is Now Playable (Kotaku)
09-12-20 (14:59)   UMD students to start spring semester with virtual classes (Washington Times)
30-11-20 (10:30)   Persona Series Hits 13.1 Million in Sales (GamingBolt)
24-11-20 (10:20)   The best launch titles ever: Wipeout Pure on PSP (Eurogamer.net)
16-10-20 (17:48)   PlayStation Store Will No Longer Offer PS3, PS Vita, And PSP Games Online And Mobile (GameInformer.com)
16-10-20 (16:41)   Sony's overhauled PlayStation web store won't sell PS3, Vita, or PSP games (Polygon)
16-10-20 (14:38)   Sony Confirms Imminent Changes to PS Store That Affect PS3, PSP, and PS Vita Purchases (PlayStation LifeStyle)
16-10-20 (00:49)   Sony confirms the new PlayStation Store won't let you buy PS3, PSP and Vita games outside those consoles (TheVerge)
15-10-20 (23:29)   Revamped PlayStation Store Ditches PS3, Vita, PSP Content (Kotaku)
09-10-20 (21:26)   PlayStation Store will reportedly stop selling PS3, PSP and Vita games this month - CNET (C-Net News.com)
09-10-20 (18:51)   PlayStation Store to reportedly stop selling PS3, Vita, PSP games on mobile and web (SlashGear)
09-10-20 (16:35)   PlayStation Store on web and mobile to stop selling PS3, PSP and Vita games this month (Eurogamer.net)
09-10-20 (07:56)   Sony is reportedly removing PS3, PSP, PS Vita games from mobile and web storefronts (Neowin.net)
06-09-20 (18:30)   PS5 Might be Compatible With PSP and PS Vita, As Per Recently Published Patent (GamingBolt)
30-07-20 (11:52)   Some PSP Batteries Have Swelled Over Time as Noticed in Japan (DualShockers)
28-07-20 (12:14)   PSP Owners, Check Your Batteries (Kotaku)
10-06-20 (10:01)   Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden Coming to Steam - Rumor (GamingBolt)
06-05-20 (00:14)   It's Time For A Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Remaster (Kotaku)
01-05-20 (16:06)   Boku no Natsuyasumi is the Perfect Virtual Vacation to Chase Away the Quarantine Blues (DualShockers)
24-04-20 (23:16)   ODROID-C4: An inexpensive and powerful Raspberry Pi alternative that even supports PSP emulation (NotebookCheck.net)
31-03-20 (23:43)   The best PSP games of all time (Digital Trends)
05-03-20 (17:40)   Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded Brings Two PSP Disgaea Spin-Offs To Switch This Fall (Nintendo Life)
04-03-20 (12:01)   Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is Available Now for iOS, Android (GamingBolt)
28-01-20 (19:43)   Why Everybody Loves Final Fantasy Tactics (Kotaku)
27-01-20 (18:23)   Patapon 2 Remastered Will Finally Release for PS4 This Week (DualShockers)
27-01-20 (16:38)   Prepare for Battle, Patapon 2 Remastered Lands on the PlayStation 4 Later This Week (PlayStation LifeStyle)
19-01-20 (15:18)   The 25 Best PSP Games (Popular Mechanics)
17-01-20 (19:44)   The Decade In Video Gaming - How Did PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Performed? (GamingBolt)
17-01-20 (09:06)   The Double-A Team: Miami Vice on PSP was a bloomy slice of the future (Eurogamer.net)
01-01-20 (14:01)   What the Hell Happened to Ape Escape? (GamingBolt)
04-12-19 (17:07)   Jim Ryan Says Sony's 'No Longer' in the Business of Producing Handhelds (PlayStation LifeStyle)
04-12-19 (16:37)   Star Ocean First Departure R Review - Hidden Among the Stars (DualShockers)
05-11-19 (16:14)   Baltimore Orioles First Baseman, Wife Donate $3M to UMD Children's Hospital (Breitbart.com)
01-11-19 (11:43)   Metal Gear Singer's Other Gig? The Voice Of The Bullet Train (Kotaku)
11-10-19 (18:30)   What Happened To PlayStation Exclusive Franchise Twisted Metal? (GamingBolt)
15-08-19 (18:44)   Sony, What Happened To Wipeout? (GamingBolt)
31-07-19 (18:53)   Sony Will be Ending PSP-3000 Repairs in Japan Very Soon (PlayStation LifeStyle)
01-06-19 (20:52)   E3 2019 Dreams - I Hope to See Persona 3 Remake + Persona 4 Golden for PS4 (DualShockers)
25-05-19 (18:52)   Star Ocean: First Departure R Remake Announced by Square Enix (DualShockers)
25-05-19 (16:20)   Square Enix announces PS4 and Nintendo Switch remake of the PSP remake of the original Star Ocean (Eurogamer.net)
23-05-19 (01:06)   Kao the Kangaroo is Coming Back With a PC Port of Round 2 in June (DualShockers)
26-04-19 (18:41)   PSN's Golden Week Sale Kicks Off With 500+ Games And DLC (PS4, PS3, Vita, PSP) (GameSpot)
05-04-19 (01:30)   Persona 3 and 4 Ports To Current Gen Consoles Will Be Explored By Atlus (GamingBolt)
24-01-19 (14:06)   Explaining the Kingdom Hearts Game Titles (Which Totally Make Sense) (DualShockers)
15-01-19 (00:43)   Soulja Boy doubles down with a sketchy PSP look-alike, DVD player, and more (GamesRadar)
14-01-19 (13:27)   Soulja Boy's latest sketchy console looks like a PS Vita (Engadget)
14-01-19 (13:23)   Switch Exclusive Dragon: Marked For Death Was Originally Planned For PSP 10 Years Ago (Nintendo Life)
09-01-19 (17:24)   The Order, God Of War PSP Dev Hiring For New AAA Franchise (GameSpot)
09-01-19 (15:30)   Tenchu - What The Hell Happened To It? (GamingBolt)
28-12-18 (21:23)   Don't Expect a New King's Field Game by FromSoftware Anytime Soon (DualShockers)
12-12-18 (19:06)   How to Build Your Own (Better) PlayStation Classic on PS3, PSP, or PS Vita (DualShockers)
29-11-18 (10:40)   Rumour Buster: No, Sony Isn't Launching A New PlayStation Portable To Rival Switch (Nintendo Life)
26-11-18 (23:27)   Idea Factory Set to Bring Record of Agarest: War Mariage to Steam in Early 2019 (Hardcore Gamer)
19-11-18 (17:12)   What we're buying: RetroStone's smart take on retro handheld gaming (Engadget)
23-10-18 (16:37)   PSP Cancelled Horror RPG Ushiro by Level-5 Revealed Anew for Switch (DualShockers)
10-09-18 (22:58)   The 25 best PSP games of all time (GamesRadar)
07-08-18 (21:01)   Sony, What Happened To Resistance? (GamingBolt)
21-07-18 (23:06)   Check Out the US PlayStation Store Flash Sale This Weekend (DualShockers)
23-06-18 (22:37)   Save Up to 70% During June's PlayStation Store Flash Sale (DualShockers)
01-06-18 (12:01)   15 Worst PlayStation Exclusive Games of All Time (GamingBolt)
29-05-18 (16:29)   Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, the PSP port of the classic PS1 game, just launched for iOS and Android. (Kotaku)
26-05-18 (21:07)   PSP Classic Metal Slug XX Coming to PS4 Next Week (PlayStation LifeStyle)
24-05-18 (05:51)   Portable PlayStation might make a comeback (SlashGear)
20-05-18 (13:06)   DF Retro: Revisiting E3 2004 - PlayStation Portable vs Nintendo DS (Eurogamer.net)
12-05-18 (03:05)   Replay ? Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (GameInformer.com)
11-05-18 (19:14)   PS4 Parappa Is Running On A PSP Emulator, Hackers Discover (Kotaku)
11-05-18 (10:35)   It looks like PS4 Parappa Remastered is the PSP game running under emulation (Eurogamer.net)
10-05-18 (20:28)   PS4 PaRappa remaster was a PSP emulation with updated textures (Gamasutra)
10-05-18 (16:24)   Hackers Discover Working PaRappa PSP Emulator Hidden in PS4 Code (PlayStation LifeStyle)
09-05-18 (23:18)   Hackers find "official," usable PSP emulator hidden in PS4's PaRappa (Ars Technica)
08-04-18 (16:07)   PSP Classic Metal Slug XX Coming to PS4 This Summer (PlayStation LifeStyle)
06-04-18 (18:52)   PSP Classic Metal Slug XX Announced for PS4; Coming this Summer (DualShockers)
03-04-18 (19:52)   Two Call of Juarez Titles Delisted From Steam, PlayStation, Xbox Live Stores (DualShockers)
09-12-17 (21:34)   Patapon 2 Is Getting The Remaster Treatment On PS4 (GameInformer.com)
07-12-17 (20:37)   Anthem Cinematics Lead Releases Impressive Trailer for Epic Dante's Inferno Fan Short (DualShockers)
13-11-17 (19:34)   Sega Teases New Valkyria Announcement (GameInformer.com)
05-10-17 (01:28)   Tracing PlayStation's brief 'indie heaven' back to the humble PSP Go (Gamasutra)
25-09-17 (14:49)   JS/DwnLdr-UMD (Sophos Anti-Virus)
30-08-17 (22:52)   Persona 5 Voted Best Game of All Time by Famitsu Readers; PS2 Voted Best Platform (DualShockers)
29-08-17 (17:06)   Second-Opinion: Ys Seven PC - Finally Unchained From PSP Exclusivity (DualShockers)
26-08-17 (02:52)   August Flash Sale Includes Over 200 Games For All PlayStation Platforms (DualShockers)
25-08-17 (23:05)   PSN flash sale begins on all PlayStation platforms, but you need to act fast (SlashGear)
22-08-17 (21:23)   Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Looks Epic in 14 Minutes of Raw PS4 Gameplay from the Campaign (DualShockers)
09-08-17 (21:06)   Ys Seven Receives August PC Release Date (DualShockers)
08-08-17 (00:23)   Latest Gameplay Trailer for Pokkén Tournament DX Places the Spotlight on Darkai (DualShockers)
29-07-17 (03:34)   Replay ? Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (GameInformer.com)
27-07-17 (03:34)   Reader Discussion: What Is The Best Handheld Version Of A Console Franchise? (GameInformer.com)
19-07-17 (22:05)   Patapon Remastered Comes To PS4 Early August (GameInformer.com)
16-07-17 (21:07)   PSP/PS3 Title Makai Wars Resurfaces After 13 Years as a Smartphone Game (PlayStation LifeStyle)
16-07-17 (20:37)   Metal Gear Celebrates 30 Years: Remembering the Seminal Game that Sparked a Beloved Franchise (DualShockers)
15-07-17 (15:06)   Win a Console or Games in DualShockers' Summer of Community Giveaway! (Updated with our Second Winner) (DualShockers)
13-07-17 (21:52)   NHL 18 Gets Gameplay Video that Details New Features (DualShockers)
29-06-17 (05:48)   PlayStation's Mid-Year Sale slashes game prices across PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PSP (TechRadar)
28-06-17 (10:15)   Shadow of Mordor - GOTY Edition is only $6 in PlayStation Store's Mid Year Sale, up to 75% off big name titles (VG247)
16-06-17 (08:52)   Heroines of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and King of Fighters XIV Join in Lovely Wallpapers (DualShockers)

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